Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dark Waves - Chapter 7 - Feeling the Enemy

It looked, as if North Korean submarine Najin was determined to bang Kunlun Shan head-on; but then all of a sudden, with a high precision, its speed started reducing, and four rockets attached to its outer hull disengaged and dropped to the bottom of the Indian Ocean, never to be found again. Mission had been successful. Najin surfaced and well deck of Kunlun Shan came into view. Within few minutes, Najin was inside Kunlun Shan pulled in by a heavy-duty crane and then sliding on a rail, it came to a halt.

Not seen by anyone, highly secretive satellites of GLONASS had captured this unbelievable sight. Hectic communication activities started within intelligence circles of India and Russia. Jai Chauhan was now in a briefing room with four people from intelligence community, including himself. A slide show was started where satellite images of Najin, taken by GAGAN satellites was shown, before it sped away from the coverage area. It had been slightly more than a month; Jai has been moved to RAW after successful completion of one of the toughest courses at SFF training base.

There were large bunch of sheets lying in front of Ashok Sinha, who was now Additional Director of RAW, he spoke in his heavy voice – “Gentleman, it is now beyond doubt that it was a submarine, which tried to attack INS Vikrant Carrier Battle Group, its intentions are still not clear. But all submarine classes of the world known to us, does not have the capability to have this kind of unimaginable speed under water. So we cannot point finger to anyone right now, hence all nations with submarine capabilities are a suspect for now.”

He continued – “Since, it is an extremely sensitive issue, where inner-most security parameters of a Carrier Battle Group was breached, I have personally ensure that this information is shared with very limited people in defense and intelligence community. Hence, we have created this small group of intelligence professionals who would work on this incident, and will directly report to me. He nodded to the person on his left and introduced him as an expert in communications interception, person on his right was introduced as submarine warfare specialist, Jai was introduced as MARCOS (Marine Commando of Indian Navy, trained at number of defense trainings institutes of navy and army). Nobody was introduced by name, but just with a number.