Friday, December 25, 2009

Dark Waves - Chapter 2

Akshay opened his eyes, a pulse of raging pain went through his head, it has been three days since he had been lying unconscious on that bed in BSF Hosiptal. Rehmaan Malik, who was in his early twenties was assigned to keep a close watch on Akshay's condition, a rather comfortable job, but the one he hated more than anything. Unknown to him, this job was about to end tonight. As if Allah had smiled on Rehmaan on his boring and painfully monotonous job of three long days, he heard vague sounds coming Akshay's bed, he was gaining consciousness. Jai Chauhan came rushing into the hospital room, he looked at Rehmaan who nodded silently and looked into Akshay's direction, who was still on bed but now quite aware of himself and his surroundings. Jai and Rehmaan again exchanged glances, both of them wanted Akshay to remain unconscious, as long as possible. Pain to come would be too exruciating for him to handle.

Few minutes later, three men in plain clothes entered the room. From their personality, confidence and grim faces, Akshay could make out all three of them were from top ranks from defence. They were all looking at Akshay with same intensity as if they were calculating some thing in the back of their mind. Finally, youngest of the three spoke, his voice was firm and emotionless. Akshay was told that he has been dismissed from Special Frontier Forces with immediate effect, based on incriminating evidence found at his official residence at Khosht. There would not be any legal proceedings as Special Frontier Force has always been invisible to anything legal or judicial. There would not be a court-martial, it was in return to an earlier combing operation that happened years ago, when he took three bullets on his torso to save the life of a Commandant. That Commandant was now an IG and head of the tribunal which gave this verdict forty-five minutes back. He was being sent into a complete oblivion, everything about him would be forgotten forever by everyone. His life was snatched from him and was being buried right in front of his own eyes. Akshay thought this was a nightmare, he will soon wake up and all this will end.

The realization came up as a shell hitting his head and all hell broke loose. He found himself being escorted out of hospital with armed guards all around. A BSF Jeep was ready at the exit to take him to Udhampur Railway Station. He was too dazzled to see anything around, but he still caught glimpse of a figure standing beside the Jeep, it was his wife, she was hysterical, she was shouting, hurling abuses on him. In any case, she was about to divorce him since he could not afford any of those luxuries which she took for granted in her home as a daughter of business tycoon. It was the last time, he saw her.

Captain Jai Chauhan was asked to report to IG Sinha immediately. He was confused and sad on today's development, he saw a promising career came to an abrupt end today, somehow his instinct were telling him that Akshay was innoncent, something was wrong somewhere. With these thoughts, he entered into a no-nonsense office, name plate on the door read Ashok Sinha, IG, Special Ops. He saw some familiar faces in the office, the same three men he has escorted to BSF Hospital in the morning. Ashok Sinha gestured him to sit. He was told his services at BSF were no longer required, he sat there stunned and silent, his world was falling part. Before, he could understand his own emotions, the youngest of three men spoke one more time. Jai was asked to report to SFF HQ, Chakrata at 2300 hours next day. He was replacing Akshay.

It was past midnight, a call was made from Khosht to across the border. Ashfaq Khan answered the call, caller told him about the successful plantation of documents and the humiliating expulsion of Akshay Rajput from SFF. Ashfaq disconnected the call and looked towards the sky again "Brother this night belongs to you and your revenge". In Khosht, Lieutenant Rahul Mishra hurried to the barracks after making the call, he was expecting a transaction of two crores in his bank accounts by tomorrow. He has already decided to establish a business in his home town of Kasauli.

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